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BirdCast: Indicating birdlife on farms

BirdCast is a scenario planning tool for biodiversity on farms. Using decades of data on more than sixty birds, BirdCast indicates which birds may live in woodlands on your farm in spring and demonstrates the potential for biodiversity in a range of scenarios.

Dec 2021

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FireRemnant woodland

Fire in farm landscapes: Keep your fallen timber and dead trees

Keeping fallen timber and dead trees in the landscape is one of the best things you can do for biodiversity and landscape health on your farm. 

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Ten ways to improve natural assets on a farm

This booklet highlights ten discrete projects that farmers can undertake to improve the health of natural assets – such as dams, shelterbelts or riparian areas – on their properties.

Remnant woodlandWoodlands

Woodlands: A disappearing landscape

Australia’s little known woodlands once covered huge areas of the eastern side of our continent. Discover the often-overlooked beauty of Australia’s woodlands and native plants and animals they support.

Sep 2005

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