Natural assets on the farm

Natural assets on farms include remnant native vegetation, large old trees like paddock trees, native grasses, shelterbelts, rocky outcrops, creeks, dams and much more. Healthy natural assets support biodiversity, which in turn helps underpin the ecological systems that support agriculture.

For more than 20 years, Sustainable Farms and our predecessors have been studying farms in the sheep-wheat belt of south-eastern Australia to understand more about how various management actions impact biodiversity and natural assets on farms. This research has been made possible by the incredible work of land managers who have been innovative, proactive and forward thinking in how they’ve managed natural assets on their farms.

Join us to explore on-farm natural assets, and find out what you can do to enhance and protect them.

Compilation of images of wildlife, natural assets and stock

On-farm management actions leading to better outcomes

Taking science to the paddock

Our information on natural assets on farm is underpinned by extensive research in ecology, mental health, economics and social sciences.

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