Farmers leading the way

Individual farmers have played a leading role in improving natural assets on their farms. Some of these farmers have shared their insights and experiences with us, and with others around them.

There are farmers who planted shelterbelts before they were common. Farm managers who planted new paddock trees and now can see the result. Landholders who wondered what would happen if they protected their dams from stock ten years ago, and now have an oasis on their farm during drought.

Some farmers have made just one small change, while others have undertaken a decades-long program of natural asset management on their land. All of these farmers have demonstrated that an individual can make a difference to our native wildlife and to the health of our agricultural landscapes, through just a few small management actions on their farm.

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This page features stories from some of our farmer partners. Explore them using the map at the right, or scroll down. Stay tuned for new farmer stories to come.

Cindy and Steve Scott, Glen Elgin

Henty, NSW

Cindy & Steve Scott are planting and protecting native vegetation on their farm near Henty NSW, with benefits for both livestock and wildlife.

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Derek and Murk Schoen, Killeneen

Corowa, NSW

Father and son, Derek and Murk Schoen, discuss their strategic approach to planting shelterbelts and the benefits they’ve seen on their farm.

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Marcus Richardson, Larakoona

Table Top, NSW

During the drought, Marcus Richardson saw an opportunity to enhance his property’s dams, with the aim of protecting these vital assets into the future.

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Tony and Vicky Geddes, Yallock

Holbrook, NSW

Yallock provides examples of restoring and managing existing woodlands, farm dam enhancement and shelterbelts and presents a good example of woodland management conservation in an agricultural landscape.

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John and Nicole Hopkins, Allawah

Illabo, NSW

Allawah, a 1,040 ha grazing and dryland cropping property near Illabo, provides excellent examples of enhancing existing remnant vegetation and management of riparian areas.

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Sam and Claire Johnson, Windermere

Murringo, NSW

The Johnsons have implemented shelterbelts, riparian restoration, management and enhancement of native and mixed native pastures, and management of wooded pastures.

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Paul and Rachel Graham, Bongongo

Adjungbilly, NSW

Bongongo provides excellent example of riparian and wetland area restoration for species specific management (Booroolong Frog and Macquarie Perch).

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Help give other farmers an insight into what you’ve tried on your farm to work towards a sustainable farming future. Have you planted trees or fenced a dam? What have you noticed? What’s worked and what hasn’t?

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