BirdCast: Indicating birdlife on farms

BirdCast is a scenario planning tool for biodiversity on farms. Using decades of data on more than sixty birds, BirdCast indicates which birds may live in woodlands on your farm in spring and demonstrates the potential for biodiversity in a range of scenarios.

BirdCast is optimised for use on a tablet in the field, but will also work on a desktop or laptop.

The bird occupancy estimates created by BirdCast are suitable for remnant box-gum grassy woodland or planted eucalypt woodland on grazing or mixed farms in the NSW South West Slopes and parts of the Central West, Murray-Riverina and north east Victoria.

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BirdCast was developed as part of a collaborative project with support from Meat and Livestock Australia. The model and web interface was built by statistician Kassel Hingee. BirdLife Photography provided the bird photos used in the app. A number of NRM staff and farmers provided invaluable feedback on an earlier version of BirdCast, and we thank them for their input.

To find out more about the development of BirdCast, read the news article here.