Ecologist using tablet in the field

28 July 2022

Bird prediction tool takes flight in national science prizes

The Sustainable Farms team, creators of a powerful tool that helps farmers identify management actions that could support threatened birds on their properties, is in the running for Australia’s top science prize, the Eureka Prize.

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27 May 2022

Collaborative research finds fencing farm dams halves methane emissions

Studies undertaken by Deakin’s Blue Carbon Lab on Sustainable Farms farm dam sites in north east Victoria and NSW reveal that dam enhancement leads to reduced greenhouse gas emissions

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16 May 2022

Farmer-facing webtool receives National Trust Heritage Commendation

BirdCast, a webtool created by the Sustainable Farms project enabling land managers to estimate the birds present in woodlands on their farms and thus helping protect Australia’s precious biodiversity, has received a Highly Commended in the 2022 National Trust Heritage Awards.

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20 April 2022

New research highlights wellbeing impacts of natural asset management

A new publication arising from Sustainable Farms mental health research demonstrates the potential positive benefits to farmers’ lives of engaging in natural resource management (NRM) practices.

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11 March 2022

Making Australian Agriculture Sustainable – conference

Michelle Young, Director of Sustainable Farms, will make the case for protecting and restoring natural assets on farms at the Fenner Conference on Environment – Making Australian Agriculture Sustainable – next week in Canberra.

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03 March 2022

Newly published: Natural Asset Farming

We’re delighted to announce the publication of our new book, Natural Asset Farming. The book provides practical guidance on enhancing seven natural assets on farms, bringing together the stories and experiences of farmers with the results of extensive on-farm research undertaken by Sustainable Farms.

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22 September 2021

Benefit-cost analysis lends support for improved farm dam management

New Sustainable Farms research looking at the potential net benefits from enhancing farm dams has yielded promising results.

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13 August 2021

New planting guide for enhancing farm dams

Sustainable Farms is delighted to launch the new resource, Enhancing farm dams: What to plant in and around your dam.

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24 May 2021

The Bird Checker app: estimate bird occupancy on farms

Ever wondered which birds might live on your farm? The Sustainable Farms webtool, Bird Checker: A bird occupancy estimator, enables the user to estimate which birds are likely to be found on a farm in the box-gum grassy woodlands.

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31 March 2021

Sustainable Farms Research Results Workshops

In May-June, Sustainable Farms will hold three Research Results Workshops across the project area. Researchers from ecology, mental health and economics will share latest research results to help support practice change on farms in the temperate eucalypt woodlands.

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