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Managing natural assets: Shelterbelts

Planting native shelterbelts on farms is a significant act of land stewardship, one that also delivers demonstrated productivity and biodiversity benefits.

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Webinar: Planning & planting to maximise the potential of farm dams

Webinar recording: Hear about the latest research on the biodiversity and productivity benefits of enhancing farm dams, what to plant where and other practical tips for planning a farm dam enhancement project.

Oct 2021

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Wholesale nursery list

List of wholesale plant suppliers for use with the guide, Enhancing farm dams: What to plant in and around your dam.


Riparian Restoration guide

Watercourses and their accompanying riparian areas hold enormous value for farming operations and are important assets for production and biodiversity.


Webinar: Designing and enhancing shelterbelts

This webinar covers Sustainable Farms research into the best way to design shelterbelts for maximum productivity benefits, and benefits for woodland bird biodiversity.

Jun 2020

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Episode Four: Mason Crane talks about farm revegetation

Welcome back to the Sustainable Farms podcast. In this episode, field ecologist Mason Crane speaks to Gordon Taylor about farm revegetation projects.

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Farm Dam Enhancement brochure

Thousands of farm dams dot the landscape and, with appropriate management, can help restore biodiversity by providing much needed wetland habitats for native wildlife.