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Join podcast host Gordon Taylor as he interviews project staff and external experts for insights into the early stages of the Sustainable Farms project research.


Episode Nine: Farm planning for better biodiversity and reduced fire risk

In our second podcast on fire in farm landscapes, Sustainable Farms Ecology Research Director Professor David Lindenmayer explains that managing farms for biodiversity doesn’t necessarily mean increasing fire risk.


Episode Eight: After fire comes recovery – a message of hope

Summer 2019-2020 brought unprecedented bushfire conditions to south-eastern Australia, with millions of hectares burnt so far this fire season.


Episode Seven: Max Whitten talks about honeybees

In this podcast from Sustainable Farms, Gordon Taylor talks to Dr Max Whitten (former Chief at the CSIRO Division of Entomology) about the role of honeybees in Australian agriculture.


Episode Six: Max Whitten talks about Dieback

In this podcast from Sustainable Farms, Dr Max Whitten, former Chief at the CSIRO Division of Entomology, talks to podcast host Gordon Taylor about dieback in paddock trees.


Episode Five: Mason Crane talks about Squirrel Gliders

Join Sustainable Farms Senior Research and Extension Officer Mason Crane as he talks about Squirrel Gliders, the subject of his PhD.


Episode Four: Mason Crane talks about farm revegetation

Welcome back to the Sustainable Farms podcast. In this episode, field ecologist Mason Crane speaks to Gordon Taylor about farm revegetation projects.

Farm finance

Episode Three: An innovative proposal for farm financing

Many farmers are concerned that government financing schemes particularly in times of drought can lead them into unrepayable debt, and risk of property foreclosure down the track.

BiodiversityFarm dams

Episode Two: Talking about Farm Dams

How does investing in the natural assets of a farm, like shelterbelts and farm dams, enable farmers to be more resilient in drought, while at the same time help to support the biodiversity on farms? 

Episode One: An introduction to the Sustainable Farms project

Director of Sustainable Farms, Michelle Young, talks about why the project has been established and its key goals and activities.