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Management guide

Farm dams

Managing natural assets: Enhancing farm dams

Enhancing farm dams can have many benefits for water quality, water security and farm productivity, while also supporting biodiversity.


Managing natural assets: Shelterbelts

Planting native shelterbelts on farms is a significant act of land stewardship, one that also delivers demonstrated productivity and biodiversity benefits.

Paddock trees

Managing natural assets: Scattered paddock trees

Stately old trees standing alone in paddocks are a familiar feature of our rural landscapes. Aesthetically pleasing, they are also important assets supporting agricultural productivity, and are critical for wildlife.

Rocky outcrops

Managing natural assets: Rocky outcrops

Rocky outcrops come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from huge granite boulders strewn across hilltops, to small collections of scattered rocks in a paddock.

FireRemnant woodland

Fire in farm landscapes: Keep your fallen timber and dead trees

Keeping fallen timber and dead trees in the landscape is one of the best things you can do for biodiversity and landscape health on your farm. 


Riparian Restoration guide

Watercourses and their accompanying riparian areas hold enormous value for farming operations and are important assets for production and biodiversity.

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Ten ways to improve natural assets on a farm

This booklet highlights ten discrete projects that farmers can undertake to improve the health of natural assets – such as dams, shelterbelts or riparian areas – on their properties.

Farm damsRevegetationWater

Farm Dam Enhancement brochure

Thousands of farm dams dot the landscape and, with appropriate management, can help restore biodiversity by providing much needed wetland habitats for native wildlife.