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Community Field Day

Fri, 30th Apr 2021
4:30 pm

Community Field Day

Join ANU Sustainable Farms ecologists, Clare Crane and Colleen O’Malley and Lou Bull from the Squirrel Glider LAMP Project to learn about the benefits of enhancing farm dams and planting native vegetation. Discover what lives in our grassy woodland habitats!

The field day will include:

  • Visiting a farm dam to learn about the multiple benefits of enhancing dams for biodiversity and production
  • Discussing the importance of connecting native vegetation for threatened species conservation, plus the value of shelterbelts for stock
  • Learning about the wildlife that call our local grassy woodlands home
  • A family friendly BBQ dinner followed by a search for night active critters
  • Our speakers will also include our hosts Andrew, Michelle & Raquel Kotzur and Shelley & Jason Schilg and local schoolchildren sharing their learnings from a recent excursion.

Please RSVP by Monday 26 April at

Directions to the property will be provided after registration.

For more information, contact Kathie Le Busque: or 0408 443 261

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Walla Walla NSW

Date & Time


30th April 2021


4:30 pm


7:30 pm